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Music Passion

My mother loved entertainers:  I was named after Barbra Streisand, sister Brenda Lee and Shirley for Shirley Temple!  The energizer bunny plugged exemplifies me when I hear music I like.   I uncovered my passion for music listening to my sister's   records.  I have a natural gift for sound and a performance perfectionist.   A natural manager, leader, mediator and coach.  I want you to be inspired, cheered on and lead.  I am a leader and a connector.  I see what you don't and I know what and how to make your life easier and more profitable.  BA in Business Management and AS in Marketing coupled with years of  experience running various businesses and reading/editing legal contracts makes me a valuable addition to your team vision.  I am your dream partner.

Management & Leadership Services

Can't figure out what isn't working?  Not making enough money to pay the bills? I love analyzing teams, companies, processes and procedure.  Management expert, music team management:  management of press releases, music & artist review & repertoire, biographies, connecting you to the right people, music research, & critiquing, social media review & planning, fan retention specialist and mediator. 


Is your target market in the loop?  Do your fans miss concerts, TV appearances, radio broadcasts and podcasts due to lack of proper communication?  As a publicist I know how to generate and manage publicity for a company, brand, or public figure, especially a celebrity music work, book, film or album. Let me make your life easier and more profitable.  

Is your music ready? Music critiquing: You Pick One Item:


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I will critique one: Music video/performance or song for technique, style, tone, duplication of sound/lyrics/flow/word choice.  Area of specialty Pop/cross over country.  Money Back Guarantee.  


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Are you the leader of a band?  Can't keep the peace among band members?  You pick the right people but they don't stick around or show up?  I can help!  Call me now! Experienced mediator, peace keeper, cheerleader, leader, manager and connector.  You have a problem I can solve it or connect you to the person who can.  Referral fees apply. 

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